Man suffering from asthma in need of a Ponderay Chiropractor at By Design Chiropractic

Asthma, according to some recent estimates, affects more than 300 million people worldwide and 22 million people in the United States. It does affect those of all ages and mostly begins in childhood.

Some possible factors linked to Asthma are allergies, environmental (pollution) and tobacco smoke. Asthma, in spite of all the research, the exact cause(s) may still be unknown. What is a definite is that asthma is characterized by a set of symptoms. These symptoms may be:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing, especially during the night
  • Pressure, pain, tightness in the chest area

People may experience symptoms differently. The symptoms may be similar but you could experience these at different times. It’s also good to know that one asthma attack may be severe while another one may be very light. It’s also fortunate that mild attacks may be more common. Physically an Asthma Attack muscles around, surrounding, the airways, tighten. This is called a bronchospasm. The airway linings become inflamed which make the cells lining these passages to produce a thicker mucus. All of these factors may cause the above symptoms.

Recently, the nervous system has been studied in its association with inflammation and Asthma. Nerves innervating, or supplying, the airways pass through the upper cervical and thoracic nerve chains, or ganglia. When a vertebrae is out of place, a disruption in nervous flow may occur. When this disruption occurs, essential nerve flow cannot get from where it originates to its intended destination. A very simple analogy is an electrical wire. If the wire is bent, or kinked, the electricity can’t get from the outlet to the lamp. If severe enough the lightbulb may dim, flicker or go out.

Chiropractors are experts in finding the subluxation, misalignment, of vertebrae. They could discover a misalignment that may help you breathe easier. Along with seeing your medical doctor, seeing an expert in spinal anatomy makes sense, especially when the nervous system supplies all of your major organs, including your lungs. Compare the difference for yourself. See which chiropractor would be best for your needs and your health.