Suffering With Chronic Pain?
Get the Comprehensive Care You Need!

Our trusted chiropractor will help you recover and get back to your lifestyle — pain free.

Suffering With Chronic Pain?
Get the Comprehensive Care You Need!

Our trusted chiropractor will help you recover and get back to your lifestyle — pain free.

Welcome to By Design Chiropractic

Excited to Serve As Your New Chiropractor in Ponderay

By Design Chiropractic provides an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere at our chiropractic office in Ponderay for all patients to receive high quality chiropractic care. Our office staff is friendly and professional, and we are all here to help our patients receive the individualized care they need to recover and strive. We take the time to learn the health concerns of all our patients, and we are genuinely concerned about their wellbeing. This is why we create individualized treatment plans for all patients, so we can better address their pain with chiropractic care and other non-invasive therapies. At By Design Chiropractic in Ponderay, we take the time to encourage all patients to make certain lifestyle changes that can help improve vitality and reduce pain. Our chiropractor and our team of assistants at By Design Chiropractic are waiting to welcome you to our Ponderay office, and we are eager to help make your chiropractic visit an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Highly Experienced

Our chiropractor has helped thousands of people in Ponderay and the surrounding areas find pain relief and recover from their injuries.

Immediate Care

Most of the time, an injury requires immediate attention. That is why we provide all our forms online and try to get you in to see our chiropractor ASAP.

Financing Plan Available

We understand that not all insurance covers chiropractic care. That's why we offer affordable chiropractic care plans for patients in need of treatment.

Insurance Accepted

Depending on the type of insurance you have or the type of injury, insurance may cover your treatment. We are happy to verify your benefits and help file necessary insurance claims.

Chiropractic Care That Fits You!

Our individual care plans at By Design Chiropractic are specifically tailored to each patient
to ensure optimal relief from pain, discomfort, and acute injuries.
Request your consultation at our Ponderay office.

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Suffering From These Symptoms?

Chiropractic care can be an effective way to treat symptoms and conditions that range from musculoskeletal to neurological and nearly everything in between. Learn about the most common conditions and how chiropractic care can help alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Find Relief From Acute & Chronic Pain!

At By Design Chiropractic, we focus on correcting dysfunction within the musculoskeletal system
to provide pain relief and improve our patients’ quality of life.
Call today to begin your journey to recovery!

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Online Reviews

We know how good our chiropractic care is, but we would prefer if you heard it from our patients.

Jepoy R.'s 5-star Google review for By Design Chiropractic

Friendly staff, clean facility, and an excellent care by Dr Matt & team! They also have an X-ray In house so no need to get those somewhere else. Highly recommend!

Jepoy R.
Belmont, California
Endri H.'s 5-star Yelp review for By Design Chiropractic

Great place to go. I enjoy going there all the times. The staff is very friendly and always welcoming. It's a local family own business. They care a lot about their clients and would suggest anyone to give it a try. I've been working with Dr. Matt for the past year and I've had the best experience ever.

Thank you all for the hard working during the pandemic and always making sure everyone feels safe to come there.

Endri H.
San Mateo, California
Misla B.'s 5-star Yelp review for By Design Chiropractic

I called Dr. Matt Wittwer, the Miracle doctor! After teaching online, I had excruciating lower back pain and severe sciatica on my right leg. Daily activities such as walking and sleeping were very difficult. Finally, I came to see Dr. Matt. After the first evaluation and X-Rays, I understood what was causing the pain and Dr. Matt began the adjustment treatment. By the second week, I was feeling much better. Now, after a month, I am back on my daily walks and dancing. I highly recommend Dr. Matt for his outstanding care, kindness and professionalism.

Misla B.
Redwood City, California
Elizabeth N.'s 5-star Yelp review for recommendation

I am absolutely impressed with Dr Matt and his team. Front desk staff are exceptional, very kind and professional. Dr Matt is amazing, he has been very thorough with every step. I would definitely recommend Dr Matt and this facility, they will make you feel welcomed and truly taken care of.

Elizabeth N.
Belmont, California
Kun C.'s 5-star Google review for frozen shoulder

The Magic Healing Power by Dr. Matt Wittwer Three week ago, after a tennis match, I felt a lot of pain on my right shoulder and could not move my right arm (frozen shoulder). No improvement after one week home remedy. I googled Wittwer Chiropractic Center in Belmont and made an evaluation appointment. This was my first time trying chiropractic with a lot doubt at the beginning. Dr. Matt Wittwer took the X-ray and diagnosed the root course of my 'frozen shoulder' is the subluxation of some of bones in my spine which impacted my nerve system under my right shoulder and arm. He did adjustment to relocate my bones into the right places. After two week intensive adjustment, my shoulder is "unfrozen" now and I can move my right arm freely without pain. I can go back to tennis court sooner than I expected. Sincere appreciation to Dr. Matt Wittwer. Plus: The service and system are the first class and people are very nice at Wittwer Chiropractic Center. Highly recommended!!!

Kun C.
Belmont, California
Lynn Z.'s 5-star Google review for herniated disc

Both my sister and I recovered under Dr. Matt’s treatment. My sister had herniated disc and was lying in bed for three months. After two or three doctors’ treatments, there was no effect. When we came to Dr. Under Matt’s treatment guidance, obvious results can be seen in two weeks. Here, we recommend that if you have a patient with spinal problems, please come to Dr. Wittwer. It can reduce your pain and recover in a short time.

Lynn Z.
Belmont, California

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