Work Injury Care

It is a common misunderstanding that workplace injuries are always severe accidents. Many workplace injuries result from continuous repetitive movements and strain over a period. Repetitive stress is put on your body at work when you complete the same tasks day-to-day.

Straining, twisting, and turning when lifting heavy objects on the job can lead to back and neck pain and injury if not performed correctly. A common cause of pain is from your posture during the workday. You can experience neck, back, and wrist pain from sitting at a desk with poor posture. When you have spinal misalignments, it almost always leads to pain, and you can cause further damage if you ignore it. Chiropractic care can give you the treatment you need for workplace-related injuries and pain.

Patient recieving Work Injury Care at By Design Chiropractic in Ponderay for pain relief

Benefits of Work Injury Care

If you are suffering from work-related pain, Chiropractic care can offer you relief and help you feel your best while working. Carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, and repetitive stress injuries are all conditions that can be managed and healed with help from the Chiropractic team at By Design Chiropractic.

The most common, non-life-threatening workplace injuries include:

  • Falls from heights to lower levels
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Overexertion and lifting/lowering injuries
  • Falling objects or debris
  • Work-related vehicular accidents

How Work Injury Care Works

Your health is a precious gift. It is important to you, and you are ultimately in charge of it. When you seek chiropractic care at By Design Chiropractic, our chiropractor will work with you to treat your specific issues and explain how we use chiropractic care to help you reach your desired outcome.

The earlier you can seek treatment for your injury, the better and quicker your recovery will be. So, if you’re dealing with any illness or injury, our chiropractor will help you establish a plan to help prevent further workplace injuries. We believe that there is no reason that pain should impact your daily life.

Chiropractic care is a cost-effective treatment for both you as the employee and your employer. And the sooner you get treatment for your workplace injury, the faster you can get back to work. By immediately getting help, you can address the problem without your symptoms worsening. Get help today and start your healing process by calling By Design Chiropractic in Ponderay at (208) 597-4033.

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