Gonstead Technique

Dr. Clarence. S. Gonstead introduced Gonstead Technique. His life-changing experience at a young age developed his interest in chiropractic care. He developed a new method called the Gonstead Technique, which focused on the body’s structural foundation and intervertebral discs.

Patient recieving Gonstead Technique at By Design Chiropractic in Ponderay for pain relief

Today, Gonstead Technique is recognized worldwide in diagnosing and adjusting the spine. We analyze and work on spinal misalignments with “adjustment” to achieve maximum balance and stability. As per practitioners, it simply means doing “the right adjustment at the right place at the right time.” Patients who suffer from back, neck, or spinal regional pain are most likely to benefit from Gonstead.

Benefits of Gonstead Technique

  • Manage pain and inflammation
  • Reduce headaches and migraines
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve mental health as spinal pain and misalignments are directly related to neurological stress.

How Gonstead Technique Works

Our chiropractor will analyze the whole body and advice from the entire health and wellness perspective. By Design Chiropractic conducts a thorough analysis of your spine using the following methods.

Visual posture analysis – Our chiropractor will first look at your posture, spine, shoulders, and head position. It provides visual clues such as uneven alignment or any underlying problems

Description of the patient – You will be asked to thoroughly describe your pain and discomfort during the examination. It will help our chiropractor in clearly understanding your situation.

Instrumentation – Our chiropractor will use a nervoscope to detect inflammation and nerve pressure up and down the spine.

Static Palpation – It is a process to feel your spine and detect any swelling, tenderness, and abnormal texture or tightness in the muscles of your back.

Motion Palpation – Our chiropractor will feel your spine while you move or bend and determine how difficult each segment is.

X-Rays – It will enable us to visualize the entire spine structure, such as vertebral alignment, posture, fractures, and more.

Our chiropractor utilizes this comprehensive information to identify and correct misalignments. We use precise movements to adjust specific vertebrae and take good care of patients when positioning patients to provide the most accurate adjustments.

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