Injured athlete in need of a Ponderay Chiropractor at By Design Chiropractic

There are two different kinds of sports injuries: acute and chronic. Even acute injuries can be a result of repetitive wear and tear. Chronic injuries are easier to notice because they tend to be more severe and cause more pain. Our chiropractor at By Design Chiropractic treats underlying causes of sports injuries by evaluating the body as a whole, rather than as separate parts. This allows for the best results to rebuild strength and eliminate pain.

Here Are The Most Familiar Causes Of Sports Injuries:

  • Wheezing (Most Common)
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chest Tightness or Pain
  • Trouble Sleeping due to Coughing or Wheezing

Here Are The Most Common Sports Injuries:

1)  Ankle Sprain. Ankle sprains most frequently occur when the ankle ligaments stretch and tear beyond their normal range of motion. Sports such as basketball, soccer, and football all have a higher chance of causing ankle sprains. Because individuals with improper alignment may be more prone to ankle sprains, seeing our chiropractor to help improve alignment and body function can help prevent them.

2)  Hyperextended Knee. This injury occurs when the knee is forced backwards instead of forwards, going far beyond its normal range of motion. Basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics are all known for having a higher number of hyperextended knee injuries. Seeing our chiropractor can help you with your balance, which can add to your muscle strength to avoid this type of injury.

3)  Hip Flexor Strain. When the hip flexor muscle becomes torn or when it severely overstretches, you are more likely to strain it. Bicyclists, sprinters, and soccer players are much more vulnerable to straining their hip flexor. Lack of flexibility and mobility, as well as weaknesses in other muscles can increase the change of this injury happening. Chiropractic Care at By Design Chiropractic can help you become more flexible. Our chiropractor can even coach you in better stretching methods before you exercise, to help avoid these injuries.

4)  Rotator Cuff Tendonitis. When the rotator cuff becomes inflamed, it causes irritation in the entire shoulder area. This can happen in sports where the arm is repeatedly used in the same way- such as baseball. Shoulder issues are normally caused by instable neck and upper back muscles. Helping relax, stretch, and strengthen those muscles can be achieved by visiting our chiropractor at By Design Chiropractic.

5)  Concussion. This traumatic brain injury happens when the brain is quickly jolted within the skull. Football, hockey, and soccer (because they are all contact sports), are more likely to involve concussions. Concussions can cause headaches, loss of consciousness, and even in extreme cases, death. Fortunately, our chiropractor can provide chiropractic treatments to build strength within the body and better mobility and agility in order to avoid collisions that cause concussions.

Chiropractic care at By Design Chiropractic addresses the complete body and the wellness of your whole self, rather than one specific area of your body. Your entire body is connected, so treating one area will not always stop symptoms and pain in other areas. Chiropractic treatments with our chiropractor is also safe for all ages because it is a non-invasive and drug free holistic medical approach. Our chiropractor focuses not on just one area of the injury, but the relationship that injury has with the rest of the body. When in doubt, always see By Design Chiropractic at Ponderay for your sports related injuries!